Why I love movies

Papa knew the kid loved Field of Dreams and Top Gun, so on holidays to Iowa and California, he took me to the actual movie sites. Film has consistently been a tremendous part of my life. Looking back, I have my father to thank for that.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

Through my journeys I’ve realized that I don’t care much about cash, cars, houses, etc. To me, there’s no more accurate form of money than ingenuity.
It’s what drives me – and that is what picture permits me to do. A filmmaker benefit an industry that thrives on the same principles, although granted, the kid’m not I.
People who make films get that chance to take people to the rest of earth, open them up to parts of history, to see distinct cultures, or tell stories you’ve never heard of.

Movies inspire us, make us laugh or cry, and get us thinking about important societal issues. People give us a great first date option in high school. Most importantly – they are an escape. While most folks may see me as a man who spends hours in front of the TV or at the theater – I’m not. And it is the films the kid watch that remind me take pleasure in life and to get out there.

Nowadays I watch movies on Netflix!

Papa was always there with me, scaring me when an awful scene was coming up, or seeing films, explaining distinct parts I did not understand, repeating dialogue that is funny. It was one of the things over when a kid was I we actually bonded.

I saw films, my friends I started to make them, as the kid grew older. We put together our work, and would take a classic camcorder, think of a notion. We put on comedic sketches, and defeated dungeons, talk shows that were filmed.
My group of buddies and I were the producer, director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter and set designer. And even though Ididn’tsee it then, my father was always encouraging of what we did. He encouraged us go crazy, and to think of these first thoughts, set them on tape. Ididn’tknow it this, although at the time helped ignite my passion for picture.
All people lead chaotic lives. We work – a lot, we put in time with our families, errands run, do chores, attempt to fit in travel – it’s overwhelming. The kid believe not.